Dear environmental interested party   After 30 years of experience in the field of Plant engineering and construction, 18 years of that time in environmental- and process engineering as well as in the energy-, piping- and power plant industry, I would like to introduce  the spectrum of offered services. My speciality is the worldwide execution of environmental measuring projects, specially for water quality and water quantity as well as for power plant and plant engineering, piping and construction.   Scope of services: ENVIRTEC.index en Site finding Missions Plant design- / design of Measuring Stations Support for Tender and Order   Order of mounting equipment Implementation of plants / stations Measuring, Analyses and System Calibration Acceptance Tests Hand-Over and Training After Sales Services Overview of all project areas and  places of work via Google Maps. Impressum Contact:   Telefon Austria:  +43 699 12 47 65 64 Telefon Indonesia: +62 856 42694822 E-Mail:
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Environmental Engineering & Techniques On-Line Water Quantity Measuring Stations are designed and used for the detection of the Water Level and the discharge of Surface Waters or also the Water Level of Ground Waters. On-Line Water Quality Measuring Stations are designed and used for detection of chemical and physical parameters of Ground- and Surface Waters.
to Projectdescriptions The following Tasks and Projects have been executed successfuly: