ENVIRTEC.energy en Environmental Engineering & Techniques RENEWABLE POWER Kontakt:   Telefon Austria:  +43 699 12 47 65 64 Telefon Indonesia: +62 856 42694822 E-Mail:     office@envirtec.info AUSTRIA ALBANIA  2008 INDIA  2009 INDONESIA  2000 - 2004 PAKISTAN  2007 Hydro & Small Hydro  The use of Water for energy production is done in manifold ways. Apart from the usually common run-off, storage- and pump-storage hydropower plants there are also technologies to construct tidal power stations and to use the waterstream in oceans for energy production.    The Power P [kW] for common HPP is calculated from the discharge Q [m³/s] and the height h [m] under consideration of efficiency b. P = Q * h * b The efficiency depends on plant type and is over 90%. Photovoltaics (Wp = Watt during highest sunbeam on Peak) Photovoltaic-Plants/Modules have become not just only cheaper during the past few years, they producers have also increased the efficiency from former 11% to now 24% (Mono-Cristallin Si) of the irradiance. The costs for hughe photovoltaic plants in Europe are about 2,2 € per Wp while the prices for small photovoltaic- plants for houses are more than 3 € per Wp. In dependance of the possible site (irradiance) and the funding and energy-price conditions on site there are also some other reasons which makes photovoltaic plants more attractive: Energy is produced during the “more expensive” On-Peak hours, just then, when the industries and offices have the highest demand on energy. Furthermore, photovoltaic energy production is much more easier to forecast and prognosticate then Windpower for example, cause the production depends on the season (long term) and the actual weather conditions (short time +/- 3 days). And even if it is claudy or rainy, there will be a production also with difuse light condition. At least there are modules with 30 years warranty (minimum of 80% efficiency compared with the new module) available and there are no moving parts used in the solar-power plants, expect, if you install an automatic sun following system. The modules can produce between 100 and 125 Wp per square meter.  The above map of normal irradiation from Meteonorm shows the yearly irradiation in kWh/m². Aside from the Mono-Cristalline Solar-Modules (Efficiency approx. 24%), which are manufactured in China (approx. 1,6 €/Wp) or in Europe (approx. 2 €/Wp), photovoltaic plants also needs a AC/DC-inverter which converts direct current into 50 Hz alternating current.  Informations for Solartechnics und Photovoltaicplants as well as planning and business cases and plant implementation is available from me and my bussiness-partner  ALPINE- ENERGIE . office@envirtec.info Impressum Scheme of the 178 MW Run-Off HPP Freudenau on the Donube River in Vienna from  VERBUND AG Rotor of a Kaplan Turbine of Fa. Voith Before planning and construction of HPP can be done, certain pre-investigations like hydrological inquiries and geolocigal surveys for the construction works are necessary. I can offer services (planning and implementation) in the field of hydrological measuring networks. Detailed planning and dimensioning of gates, turbines and dams will be done from my bussiness partner  PÖYRY Energie. During the construction i can assist you in steel- construction, in mechanical engineering and also piping and process engineering as owner engineer or also as part of the contractors staff. Water Gauging Network for the VERBUND-HPP Ashta in Albania Wind Power Stations The Windpower Pwind depands from the wind gravity, from the rotor radius, from the Betz- efficiency (max. 16/27) and at most from the windspeed. The windspeed impacts the theoretical power calculation with the 3rd cube. Because of the eludes of the wind-massstream from the rotor -resistance,  the theoretical power can not be generated into electricity but, as Albert Betz 1926 has calculated, a maximum of 56%. 1 Watt installed Wind Power costs approx. 0,8 € and is compareable cheap to photovoltaics. But the wind-rotor will start running just by windspeeds more than 4,5 m/s and a sufficient energy production will start at 6 m/s. The operation of Wind Power Stations needs a Back-Up of other highly available Power Plants, because the existence of wind is uncertain. The following services for planning and construction of wind power plants can be done by me: Implementation of a windspeed-measuring network, implementation of wind power plants on site.  Wind power plants will be planned and constructed by ALPINE-ENERGIE. Piping - Pump-Storage HPP Limberg 2 of Verbund AG in Kaprun Global Windspeed from Wikipedia, Windkraftanlagen Windpark in Northern Germany On-Line Water Quality Measuring Stations are designed and used for detection of chemical and physical parameters of Ground- and Surface Waters. On-Line Water Quantity Measuring Stations are designed and used for the detection of the Water Level and the discharge of Surface Waters or also the Water Level of Ground Waters. Overview of all project areas and  places of work via Google Maps. globale irradiation in W/m² HYDROENERGY Turbinecalculator  for Small Hydro Projects SMALL HYDRO - HYDROENERGY Turbinecalculator for Small and medium sized Hydro Projects GLOBAL HYDROENERGY is an austrian hydro- turbine manufacturer, specialized in production and implementation of small and medium sized turbines and powerplant equipment. Each single turbine exactly fit to the customers needs and is produced with  highest quality. HYDRENERGY offers you a turbine-calculator for the rough turbine estimation and planning of your hydropower plant. You just need information about the flow and the hight.