Environmental Engineering & Techniques Equipmentsuppliers and Partners of Cooperation   Short overview of Equipment suppliers and partners of cooperation of installed measuring stations as well as for consulting and for your general information about environmental techniques and energy. ENVIRTEC.equipment office@envirtec.info Contact:   Telephone Austria:  +43 699 12 47 65 64 Telefon Indonesia:  +62 856 42694822 E-Mail:        office@envirtec.info Physical Standardparamter: WTW offers a huge range of Measuring Devices and Probes for process- and field- applications.   The Swiss based Company ZÜLLIG offers expansive, but reliable and robust sensor-systems. Optical Analyzers: The innovative italian manufacturer SYSTEA designs and produce a large number of optical and sensoric analyzers for a wide measuring range since end of the 80ies for industrial and environmental applications. Systea is specialized in development of  customer sized analyzers for special applications like deep sea nutrient detection. Turner Designs is specialized in fluorescent photometry. The analyzers are able to detect oil and fuel products as well as algae and humic acid in water in ppb range. The austrian photometer manufacturer S::CAN enables the detection of multiple organic and inorganic substances in one sample because of matrix-elimination and finger print calculation via the integrated library. Standard parameters like DOC, turbidity and SAC 254 nm are detected in one step. Hach-Lange offers reliable turbidity and SAC monitors as well as many other analyzers. Analyzers for Water Quality On-Line Monitoring:  Partner of Cooperation:  The division of Water Resource Management of Pöyry GmbH in Vienna is specialized in consulting and engineering in all fields of water resource management. Projects of Power Plant Engineering, of surface and groundwater modeling and River Basin Management are welcome and done by specialists.  Shimadzu is a worldwide leading manufacturer for a large number of measuring instruments for the chemical industry and for environmental applications. The robust TOC/DOC analyzers are used in waste water treatment plants and for surface- and ground water analyzes. The automatic samplers from ISCO provide water samples in programmable periods. Hydrological Instruments for Water Quantity Monitoring: The well known company SEBA Hydrometrie produce and offer a wide range of instruments for detection and monitoring of water levels, of water flow and current. The autonomous and contact-free monitoring of water levels with radar sensors as well as the data loggers have been implemented by me worldwide in remote areas. OTT Hydrometrie offers a similar range of hydrometric instruments as SEBA. Furthermore the also offer modular configured data loggers for storage and processing of a huge number of parameters, which are installed by me in Austria and Indonesia. Also multiple parameter sensors and a fully developed application software HYDRAS 3 is part of the huge range of products. Suppliers for Process-, Plant Engineering  & Mounting: Cross-Flow Filtermodules from Norit are used for sample- water preparation and processing. The main-application of Norit Filter Modules is in the food industry and for drinking water purification. Pressure- and speed controlled pumps from Grundfos are used for the continuous conveying of sample water into an On-Line measuring station. The high quality and versatile products from HILTI are highly recommended in plant engineering and implementation. Additional there is a huge assortment of chemical anchors for nearly every demand in the field of fixing. Read more about my education and job experiance LINKS Others: VEGA is producing among other things Radar Sensors for automatic water level monitoring and offers a range of operator software for free download.   NetCo develops customer sized hard and software for embedded systems, centered in digital and analog units. NetCo also offers high quality products and competent technical advise in the field of site documentation and observation via autonomous solar powered web-cams including UMTS and Wireless Bridge communication. HYDROENERGY is an austrian manufacturer of hydro-power plants, specialized in development, design and implementation of small and medium sized hydropower plants. Each plant/turbine is highly efficient and manufactured in top quality and customized on each site. On-Line Water Quality Measuring Stations are designed and used for detection of chemical and physical parameters of Ground- and Surface Waters. On-Line Water Quantity Measuring Stations are designed and used for the detection of the Water Level and the discharge of Surface Waters or also the Water Level of Ground Waters. Overview of all project areas and  places of work via Google Maps.